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[…] a magistral performance […] the perfect symbiosis […] elegant rubatos, and the strength of [the] interpretive imagination […] made of this performance a memorable and sumptuous affair."

The New York Concert Review

“[played] eloquently and elegantly […with] passion and introspection […] sensitivity and a finely honed sense of style.”

Martin Bernheimer,

“The soloist played fearlessly, with a graceful ease that belied the technical difficulties in Prokofiev [Concerto No. 3].”

Courier-Post, Philadelphia

“Truly a world-renowned soloist! Full of eloquence and elegance, the standing ovation was an opportunity for the audience to release some of the pent up emotion [Stephanie Shih-yu Cheng] builds.”

Ontario Arts Review

“[…] performances were warm, heartfelt and stylistically accurate.  The response of the audience was sincere and the applause was very enthusiastic.”

La Sicilia, Italy

“[Stephanie Shih-yu Cheng and Jerry Wong] play as a seamless pair with musical passion and a brilliant technique […] this performance [of Ravel’s La Valse] was imbued with a refined sense of Viennese lilt.”

Palm Beach Daily News

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